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Plug In Your Latest Plurk Plugins
Plurk is the latest humor and chat place where people leave small notes on what they have been doing over the past minutes and pondering whats next on their move awaiting for others to reply. Many have called it the clone of Twitter, some have mentioned how Plurk gets straights As winning Twitter in many areas..
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Choosing The Right Template Layout For Your Website

When it comes to picking a website template, i will want to have a fairly large amount of templates that i can choose from to decide on the best that will be used as my website layout. One of the few template website that offers exclusive premium web content solutions for web developers and webmasters, DreamTemplate may look like another template website just around the list of others in the same category but of course writing this review allowed me to know that what's hidden within DreamTemplate is a large array of qualities which i am going to discover.
Website Templates Collections Over 3000 plus template layout from CSS templates, Flash templates, logo templates, photoshop web designs, company form designs, newsletter templates and abstract images. DreamTemplate provides everything that is needed to have a professional layout for your website.

The templates are well categorized into every niche which suits the layout provided below, you can also try out their design services with their free template design which they offer a range of themes that can be easily applied on your web content.

Unlimited Access to All Templates
A Promotion that ends today, for people who are like me looking for a variety of layout to play with before they decide on the right website templates. This is the chance, you can grab this one time offer at $59 which is normally priced at $149 to get a full access to all the templates available for download.

Affiliate Program to Make You Money There have an affiliate system that gives users a chance to make money by referring their friends to purchase templates on their website. Earn an incredible 30% commission for every sale/user you refer to DreamTemplate.com/sale originating from your website.

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PublisherSpot - One Stop Top Ad Network

If you are wondering which is a good Ad Network platform to start with to make money on your blog or even which CPA affiliate network to signup for like, PepperJam Network or Market Leverage and between Adsense and Adbrite - Which network should i go for to blend my contents into?


If you need a good opinion, critic and review of the ad network, PublisherSpot's search page allows publishers to search through it's 40reviews and return the networks that have the features they want. As our database of reviews continues to grow, this feature will become increasingly useful. If you read a few of publisherspot reviews, you'll see that they are all professionally written and contain a great detail of information on each network. I personnel feel that the review and information given was comprehensive enough to allow myself to judge on which Ad network i should choose for my next niche.

A little inside on who the creator of this website is, he is none other than Tyler Cruz who recently also sponsored my Blog's Contest and also coincidentally me winning a second prize in his publisherspot forums contest.

Over the past weeks, Publisherspot did a slight makeover which included a new blog and the purpose of having a blog will be to provide news and updates pertaining to the site, such as when new reviews or features are added. The fresh new look PublisherSpot forum provides a platform for the community to share their own experiences and thoughts with ad networks. It also allows members to discuss monetization tips, give comments or suggestions for the site, and request reviews for affiliate or ad networks not already reviewed.

The Three Top Network List
I found this essentially easy for those who are out to know which is currently the best overall, top ad and even top affiliate network base on the rating given by users on publisherspot, this are the three network list that you might want to go through which you can find them on the right side on the main page of publisherspot.

overall best network

Advanced Search Features
One of the exciting part of this search function that you can find on the top right allows a publisher the ability to search for networks that pay via PayPal and have a rating of 60% or higher, and they'll see 5 networks match their request. Or, a publisher might search for affiliate networks that have a referral program and have a minimum payout of $50 or less, in which they'll have a list of 6 networks returned.
advanced search engine
As you can see, this is a very useful feature. And, there are more search features planned for the future, such as as the ability to search for what countries networks accept.

My Closing Words for you..
I would recommend you to check PublisherSpot before deciding on any advertising network for monetizing your blog or website. The site has information, reviews and rating for various ad networks which includes CPC, CPM and affiliate networks and their comprehensive information about the ad networks is just awesome!

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Poker Affiliate That Made A Six Figure Empire


Have you ever wondered what does it take for you to become a professional poker player? What i see is time, effort and strategic plan to make each game a profitable one. Poker players tends to be more independent in their choice of decision making and it's pretty much similar to how a webmaster works on his piece of project which is solely decided by him on how the layout and structure should look before he throws it out and awaits for the reward which he can reap from.
Welcome to PokerAffiliatePrograms.com which was established to provide webmasters who are interested in promoting online poker a place to research, discuss and gain insight into the business. Greg Powell and Jeremy Enke are leading poker affiliates who happens to be the writers for Pokeraffiliateprograms.com and they have been managing the website pretty well lately.

Why Poker Is Hard to Make a Good Hand
In poker it’s way more difficult than you first expect to make a truly good hand. This has two consequences in poker that are also applicable to the entrepreneur.

You need to cultivate patience within. This is pretty essential for poker player to be able to master the art of becoming more patient with what their next step is and you need full concentration in order to make it a clean sweep win on the table. It's the same as how new bloggers want their new blogs to be exposed to multiple social media community and expect enormous flow of traffic to their site just by doing one style of marketing method. It takes more than that to climb a mountain that high.

Keep Your Targets Small and Achievable
My advice to those who intend to use Poker Affiliates as a source of passive income, learn how webmasters uses different techniques to grow your blogs, SEO and many other methods could slowly enhance the number of visitors and keep your goals and target achievable brings you to greater heights.

Poker Affiliates Were Never So Profitable

How One Internet Marketer Used The Poker Affiliate Industry To Change His Life And Build A Six Figure Empire.
In this writeup by Jeremy, I was amazed by how one IM is able to move into the field of Poker Affiliate and using his past experiences to build him a six figure empire. It shows how One man was able to go beyond the "I have no experience in this field" sentence to become the next person who was able to clear off his debts learning how to be a Poker Affiliate who believes that it works.

This was what he had to say which is quoted by him taken from the article:

“The most important thing to be successful as a poker affiliate is to never forget the true fundamentals of internet marketing. For example, building lists, or utilizing proven conversion strategies and calls to action. You also have to work smarter versus harder with so mych competition out there. If you are targeting keywords that don’t convert, give up and move on.

Don’t be afraid to try new things all the time. Once you find something that works well, it will pay for itself several times over. You also have to be progressive and constantly launch new sites or campaigns. It’s very difficult to achieve your full potential or find that one magic thing with just one portal or targeted keyword or phrase.”

Finding Treasures Among PokerAffiliate Site
These are my personal favorites which i will highly recommend you check it out, it gives you many insights and tips which could be of great help to you if you want to be a poker affiliate in the near future.


Visit the Poker Affiliate Program Forum. It is where hidden treasures are being discovered if it's your first time trying to experience what Poker affiliate is all about. What i like about this forum is language is not a barrier and they target a wide variety of geographical location.

Read up on these Recommended Articles. These are the highly recommended articles that both Greg and Jeremy crafted and you might get a good tip or two from the below list:
  1. Promoting the 2008 Aussie Millions Poker Championship
  2. Business Partners: The Good And The Bad
  3. Elite Retreat 2008 - Shoemoney Interview
  4. Mobile Gaming is the future in some eyes. Poker Rooms are coming on quickly
Move in and Earn Maximum Revenue. This page shows you Poker affiliate programs which covers specify details on what CPA or revenue percentage you are expected to get and what are the mode of receiving your payments.

25 ways to say "Click Here"
I became immunable to links that says "Click here" with an underline link which brings you to an affiliate product or network that does not even give you a good CPA and earnings. Long gone were the days where webmasters uses simple "Click here" links, Jeremy had done a good job identifying 25 ways you can link your affiliate links to creative sentence which can attract visitors.

I’m not sure if poker players necessarily make good entrepreneurs or if entrepreneurs necessarily make good poker players. The two do have some overlap in the skills and temperaments required and the kinds of techniques that will make you successful. Hopefully Greg and Jeremy would be able to guide you through like how they mentored "Jim" to become a six figure Poker Affiliate.

Subscribe to PokerAffiliateProgram Live News Feed. As Greg and Jeremy do not give updates daily, i will recommend you signup on their feed and wait for their latest news and insights which could be introduction to new poker affiliate programs to stories and coverage on successful poker affiliates.

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Submit Your Website To 150 Directories For Free with ResellerGo

The last time i submitted my blog to a bunch of high pagerank directories, they cost me nearly $20 bucks for 30 sites. Recently I found ResellerGo dot com who shocked me with their amazingly low deal and what can i get in return for the low amount i put in? A total of 4000 established directories with high pagerank which you can submit your site and they are giving you a free demo account with 150 free directories to try on their service, have you signed up for a free account yet?

"ResellerGo.com is a directory submission service which offers three major plans to its users; these plans help users perform the often cumbersome task of submitting their sites to directory services for better visibility over the Internet."

A Clean Structured Site
The design of this directory website look clean and crisp, unlike many others that i have come across, which are pretty cluttered with many links and navigational tools on their front page, they should always consider having members registering before providing them with access to the links via their control panel and this was what Resellergo excel in and why i vote them the best directory i have seen so far.

How It Works
The registration for a free plan to submit your website to 150 directories takes about two minutes to create an account and you can start to login to your account and start submitting your website automatically to the promised 150 directories.

Since it is free, please do not pin high hopes of submitting your site to high pagerank directories and 150 worth of pagerank zero directories is for you to test out their system, personally i feel it is friendly and easy to navigate through it's control panel. If you are really interested in purchase high PR directories to speed up your website's profile, purchase a Silver plan for just $4 per domain since this plan allows the directory submission of your website to more than 4,000 directories including a huge number of directories with high PR rankings.


I am sure it will take more than 30 minutes to submit to over 1000 directories because i spent like 30 minutes to submit 70 directories in the free section and it's not that automated after all, it requires you to still manually sent it out. It was somehow tiring! Imagine 4000 entries, god knows when you can finish them all, but still i am sure you initial efforts will pay off once your site are submitted to all 4000 directories!

One of your link is burst and not redirecting
Your "Articles" Hotlink does not seem to be working and it does not redirect to your articles instead i am stuck at the same page but after searching on the internet, i finally found your article page, it seems like yours but i will just have it included in case people are wondering where the hell your articles have gone to.

submit your articles
Resellergo Future Released Article Submitter
Easy Submission of articles to article directory can now be done under one simple account, notice your control panel, you see on your bottom left. There is a function for you to have your articles submitted to various article directory. Are they allowing us to use the service yet? Apparently yes, but without a page explaining what are the plans available and all they talk about under the "upgrade your article" link is submitting your article to the list of available article directory cost you $10. That is not a good explaination, i will want to hear more before i start investing that amount to good use, let's wait for what resellergo dot com have to say.

submit in your articles

The ResellerGo Team value's your Feedback
Drop them a note on what you would like to see more on their site, they appreciate if a constructive suggest is given so that they can further enhance their service to serve all of us better! That is why i say ResellerGo is a directory submission service, i will vote for it's friendly navigate under one control panel, i can find what i want all in my control panel.

The Easiest way of Payments
If you decide to fund your account with a Silver or Gold Plan, you can pay via your credit card or through the fast and easy paypal!

ResellerGo is a directory submission service and they would like to invite you to have your website on their directory submission list, join their free demo account which allows you to submit your site to 150 directories and enjoy their easy and compact services, i recommend you check this directory out.

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Being Ahead Of Others Reading Global Mobile News

3gweek is a mobile telecommunication global news siteBudi Putra is the Founder/CEO of Asiablogging which covers global new media network on a wide ranging of topics from movie and music to technology, sport and lifestyle. One of the best thing about blogging about global new media is that there is a variety of topics which we can talk about and like i always say "Never put all your eggs in one basket".

In order to target a specific group of readers, you need to start another blog with a niche topic to cover a certain area which others will be solely interested in and that is what Budi putra understands. He launched his latest blog 3gweek in 2007 which is a site dedicated to focusing on Asia's mobile phone and telecommunications industry as well as mobile's global news.

The Layout Is Clean and Simple
3gweek uses a 2 column blog theme and is not heavily cluttered by advertisements at all. I would like to comment on the grey space of their main logo which could be covered by another advertisement of a 468x60 or if they are not keen on any advertising then they should look into extending their main logo to cover up that ugly grey space.

GFeatures Covered
As the blog grows with more topics, you see an extensive list of labels which covers different brands of mobile phone and global news which i personally feel at ease to look for topics that i want to know. There are 3 articles that i have found interest me the most was the explanation of what 2G,3G,4G is all about since i am not as mobile savvy as many others out there. It gave me a great insight coverage of what i can expect when people talks about what 2G,3G and 4G is about.

What i would like to See In 3gweek
The coverage of the blog is enriched with tech savvy contents and global news on mobile communication but is there a better way for readers to ask questions? I would suggest you start a forum which targets readers and visitors who have the common interesting in new media and telecommunication industry. I have seen many successful examples of bloggers starting a forum to answers their questions on an interactive place.

Who Writes and Are they Reliable Sources?
Currently there are 2 editors and 2 contributors who are constantly updating the blog with new mobile and tech news and they are no newbies in this trade. Let me introduce the 4 writers who are behind this blog.

Budi Putra
Managing Editor
A Jakarta-based tech writer and blogger, Budi Putra is now running Asia Blogging Network (asiablogging.com). Formerly an editor for SlashPhone, he also blogs at CNET Asia and contributes tech article for the daily The Jakarta Post.

Amir Karimuddin

An IT consultant at UK-based company. Formerly a contributor of Synthtone, now still maintaining his own personal blog.

Zatni Arbi
Zatni Arbi has been a regular contributor of IT articles in The Jakarta Post daily since 1992, covering a broad range of topics from personal computers, gadgets, telecom infrastructure to IT services.

Wim Permana
Wim Permana


He is the co-founder and CEO of ScholarsCamp. Before joining 3GWeek, Wim has been an editor in chief for ITMagz; an IT Magazine in Jogja covering a broad range of topics such as personal computers, gadgets, software, open source, Jogja’s IT community, telecom infrastructure to IT services.

3gweek is a complete blog with coverage on global mobile news and telecommunication insights. If you would like to be part of this blog, do write in and submit your resume to the Budi putra and also be part of this growing mobile blog. I recommend you visit 3gweek to read on the latest tips, reviews and news on wireless and mobile technology.

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Secret Strategies Behind “Viral” Videos

Secret Strategies Behind Many “Viral” Videos I remembered Clearly in June 2006, a chap by the name of Kyle Macdonald launched a project in which his goal was to trade one red paperclip for something of slightly higher value, and then trade that thing for something even more valuable, and so on until he eventually owned a house, or a private island, or something else so valuable he was unlikely to go any further. As most of the world has probably heard by now, Kyle did indeed succeed in going from a paperclip to a house as a result of just 14 trades over the course of one year. The Media's attention was all on him and how amazing his viral project had taken his paperclip from day 1 to day 14, eventually exchanging for a house!

This was a classical example of how viral marketing is used in the past. The idea that something effectively advertises itself by word of mouth, spreading rapidly without you making another move to pass on the information, the third generation uses more than just word but something more viral than words of mouth.

Using Technology to evolve Viral Marketing
While it is still effectively used in the current context by talking about it on your website and blog, many people have gone into the new era of using videos to communicate with others and exploiting this viral's potential was first found when video sharing site Youtube hit the centre stage which attracted a daily unique visitors of 10 million!

Gavin released his latest article on how you can do "viral marketing using video", if you have been wondering how those videos can hit five figure or even six figure visitors then this ebook guide would show you step by step how you can increase your video's effectiveness and leveraging on the power of video viral marketing.

In a February 2006 article in the New York Times, Julie Supan, YouTube's marketing director said the site had more than 10 million videos viewed daily. "We're streaming 115 videos a second," she said, "6,944 per minute."

I have personally seem overwhelming success with videos i upload on Youtube and some videos that do not even receive 1,000 visitors. What makes a visitor want to see your video again and again? What are the targeted groups and niche i should look into before i post on youtube? "Viral marketing using video" captures what you want to know in a simple and elaborated way of narrowing down the list of video you should and should not upload or even create, you need to target the audiences to make your viral campaign successful.

Reason I want to do a Viral Video Campaign?
What are your reasons you need to create a viral video campaign? I want to improve my business opt-in lead, increase my affiliate income and promoting my website address. There could be tons of reason why you wan to start a viral video campaign but it all comes down to making profit out of this campaign, so how do we get started?

Have you ever watched a video with 100,000 views on YouTube and thought to yourself: “How the hell did that video get so many views?” Chances are pretty good that this didn’t happen naturally, but rather some steps were executed by them and now you which you do not know but Gavin's secret will be leaked out on his latest "Viral marketing using video"
article .

Make Money With Youtube & other Video Sharing Sites
The best part about this
article "Viral marketing using video" is that it teaches you how you can make money from the video you upload on Youtube. After all this article covers from how you can create your own video, how you use the tools freely available to enhance your videos and also making Youtube a trading hub to convert to income on your end without you paying for any advertisements. The key to creating a viral marketing campaign that works, is to find an angle that pushes buttons for people. Consider your visitors likely reactions to what you are promoting before you start your viral marketing campaign, as these will greatly influence its overall success.ryanshamus

Gavin released his new article "viral marketing using video" who is a successful Online Internet Marketing, MLM,Network Marketing trainer and blogs on Ryanshamus. In his 3 years, he have several businesses including an Internet Marketing company, Ebook publishing company and a Network Marketing business uVme.

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Make Money With Ads4dough Affiliate Network - Becoming A Super Affiliate!

ads4doughI have been analyzing and could conclude that almost every 6-8 months, a brand new affiliate network will arise into the internet marketing scene and take off with heavy advertising on their new design & network which offers the best affiliate payouts you can find! Ads4dough which offers one of the best payouts in the affiliate industry comes with lightning fast commission payments but are they able to keep up with the competitive affiliate network market?

Ads4Dough is run on DirectTrack system, which also powers some of the other major affiliate networks out there. Contacted by Ryan who is one of the three affiliate managers, Ryan actually told me they are in the process of constructing a major revamp on their layout and structure process which i am sure not only will it look good but also be more user friendly than before and Ads4Dough takes every comment, users make seriously. This revamp structure is the user's voice and feedback gather over time by the affiliate managers. Ads4Dough is serious about how their program is progressing and since i have been actively in contact with them, their team works real hard with great Technicial Support over the mail as well.


Overview of AdsDough:
Ads4Dough Carries over 400 offers, with many top prestige companies like Date.com, True.com, Columbia House. I was attracted by the high lead payout which can be as high as $50/lead, on average of $22/lead and that was an amazing payout, one of the few affiliate network that actually pays so much for an advertising program.

I was excited to see many prestige companies and new merchants that i have never come across, i though the offers on ads4dough network was very refreshing and there are many different merchants i can work with and i am spoilt for a choice!


My Signup took awhile but it was all worth it!

The initial phase of my signup took a while and it was my own fault after clarifying the doubts which Ryan carefully explained and helped me along the way, i was sure i am in with a serious affiliate network who are truly looking forward to expand their database with geninue affiliaters like me. The signup should take you less than 6 minutes and it should be a breeze now after some adjustments made to suit the users better but remember to agree to the terms and conditions which is cleared stated in black and white that you do not commonly see in other affiliate companies, strict policies but it does not hinder me to signup after all.

The Campaigns & Search Values
Ads4Dough contains one of the most targeted search and campaign offers on the network. You can search for Campaigns that you want to carry by Category, or you can search for Specific campaigns, or Campaigns by Other criteria.


Payments that are flexible
Ads4Dough has a minimum payout of $50 a month, and pays every month on the 30th. You can do request with the a
ffiliate manager direct through email and all payments by default would be paid through cheques but upon request you can ask for transfer via paypal and it is much easier for those who are international publishers.

Rewarding System for your Earnings
Having a rewards program is always a great incentive to network affiliates. I must take my hats off for Ads4Dough is always thinking of many ideas to reward it's users but the rewards on this seems a little useless. Would I care about the $50 gift card you are giving when i earn $25000 monthly? It could be given out as a contest prize if you want to make full use otherwise i don't see any value in that amount, i would love to see a rebate system which Ads4dough could consider but it's just something to think about.

Referral System of 4% commission for life!

They have step up their affiliate referral commission from 2% up to 4% for life, this is much better than many other affiliate network. There is no cap on how much you can make from Ads4Dough network for Super-Affiliates. With every $5000 your referral make, you get 4% which is $200 as your commission!

Ads4dough is one of the latest affiliate network which provides many opportunities which we can venture into through their 400 over offers. I am sure this network have lots of potential in making money. I recommend you apply for their network and work with the current websites you own to build a super affiliate network, and i am also looking forward to their redesign and more wonderful benefits that would keep us active in the network!

Type of Programs Offered:CPA, CPS, CPL

>>Signup Adsdough now!

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Federal Watch Offers You Insight Affiliate Reviews

Perhaps the biggest appeal to reading blogs is that all the content comes at a price of free. You can subscribe to popular blogs and news websites for the latest gossips and reviews written by real people and their insights are so valuable that it might cost you $49.99 for purchasing an ebook that contains the exact information and mine you it doesn’t cost you a penny to gain access to their tips, advice, and expertise.The coverage comes from affiliate marketing to search engine optimization, there’s a good chance that you’ll find something useful in there for free.

The internet had already taken over the world by storm and if you still could not find a keyword term that is not talked about and spidered by Google then you could be making big bucks but i am sure every word that can be found in the dictionary is Googled way back.

Federal Watch is a blog which provide reviews of various business opportunity gurus and products. All these reviews written by Federal watch does not cost you a cent and what you are reading could be a deciding factor on whether you should purchase the product that Federal had just recommended you.

federal watch

Why Write Reviews and Why Should Readers Listen?
Affiliate marketers are professionals who knows the internet marketing community from inside out and it is always a good idea to read on the person who is selling the product and ensure he is someone who have a record of producing excellent results from the products he sells. You will not want to be scammed by some buggy who claims he is earning $31,000 monthly purely by setting up a website and now he is collecting autopilot income just by being lazy!

Take for example, Federal Watch did a review on John Reese and gave a structured understanding of who he is and where he comes from. The success that he received and covering on the 2 most important aspects of internet marketing "creating anticipation in your client base, and the power of leverage", listen to what Federal watch have to say on each internet marketer and be amazed by knowledge he have behind each individual.

What Advice I can give to Federal Watch?
A simple plain design 2-column blog which covers nothing else than just reviews on internet marketers and affiliate products and i would want to see more so that your readers can know where you come from. Let me give you my honest opinions which should see your blog grow from the current readers you are getting by 100%!

The Basic 3 Front Fold Links
Your blog is missing the basic 3 links which will help navigate your readers better and letting them know a bit about yourself.
  1. Home
    The home link is just a direct tab to your homepage link, so it's pretty self explantory.

  2. About
    Tell us who you are and why we should listen to your reviews, are you a internet marketer or super affiliate yourself, give a little profile of who you are and you will see more respectable readers in the future.

  3. Contact Me
    This is very important, communicate between you and your readers should always be around and this is one of the way your readers can find you on your email and a respond back to them would be nice instead of dropping them on the spam list.
Create or purchase a Blog design
This could not be emphasis more and you can see the 360 revolutionary look on many blogs nowadays which looks more like a website and magazine than a blog. Of course you can still keep the decent blog image that you have but you need more interesting visual effects to attract your readers.


Post that carries images
A picture or screenshot of the marketer and product would help your readers to visualize better on your blog and the written contents will not be a bore to others if it's a long sales article. A pictures tells a thousand words.

With 3 months of blogging on Federal watch, you need to convince me how true your contents are and building your traffic and subscribers on your blog is a must, stick to SEO and social media to increase your flow of visitors in a short span of time and produce more pillar articles in the mean time. The current blog design and the way you release your contents with not improve the flow of your visitors so it's time for a big revamp which should come shortly after you see this review!

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How You Can Be Lured and Hooked By Making Big Money

Recreational fishing became my past time when i was at the age of 15 years old, it became a hobby down by the coastal beach and i will start hooking up fishes of sizes, if i am able to get a 3ft long seabass, i will be over the moon with the profit i will be making selling the fish to the market. Fabien who owns Smallfishbigmoney blog ordered a review to share his knowledge on how you can "throw baits and lure in fishes to your net, turning them into profitable income".

Who is Smallfishbigmoney?
Fabien's statement is very clear and objective about how he aims to help every single one who approaches him to help make money from the blog/site you own. Big words from a young teenage at the age of just 15 years old who lives in Australia is is real fired up to let the crowd know that even at his age, it is possible to make money online.

More than just a Fish Blog
Don't be mistaken by the fishes on the background, this is no blog teaching you techniques and ways on how you can do fishing better out in the sea, Web designing and Entrepreneurship is what Fabien experienced over the years and this is why his blog is started to help those who wants to understand business, entrepreneurship and marketing management.


A glance through his blog and you will see a slight similarity in terms of layout to my blog. The front fold column coverage tells you who Fabien is and smack right in the middle is where you can subscribe to his daily writeups which i recommend to read on multiple blogs for different views in optimizing your blog and businesses.

Terrific Traffic Ebook
Subscribe to his Newsletter and get a compiled version of Terrific Traffic which he had wrote over time on his blog. The content will expose your blog to many alternatives to increase and multiple your traffic in the fastest ways ever, no longer the old methods of using traffic exchange program which users are only interesting in viewing for the few seconds to gain credit, while you receive a creditable amount of visitors, you are losing potential profits which you can make luring these small fishes in a net which this Ebook covers and amazing knowledge coming from a young guy which i am impressed.

I will give you the links to his 5 part series if you want a sneek preview but i will recommend that you subscribe to his newsletter on the top right corner for new freebies that Fabien have installed for his subscribers!

Terrific Traffic Part 1 - Traffic is the heart of blogging
Terrific Traffic Part 2 - Paid Traffic
Terrific Traffic Part 3 - Bumping Up the PR (Public Relations)
Terrific Traffic Part 4 - Repeat Visitors
Terrific Traffic Part 5 - Your Successes…YES YOU!

Fabien Offers Blog Consultation at Zero Cost!

smallfishbigmoneyFabien offers zero cost blog consultation which was an attraction to me but somehow following the direction of what Fabien had highlighted, i was not able to find any "application" on the right sidebar. He might want to consider changing "application" to "social site" or simply contact me. If you need a free blog consultation with Fabien, contact him direct with your enquiries.

Bookmark Post worth reading over your weekends
Consulting takes up individual's time and space, instead of neglecting his blog, Fabien continues to deliver unique and compelling content over at his blog. Some of his most popular posts include:

SmallfishBigMoney creates wealth from a different approach
You might have noticed that Fabien did not want to clutter his advertisement program under one blog which could be the biggest income in quantity of flow in traffic which his Terrific Traffic talks about. I am sure many are absolutely digusted by blogs that aggressive place ads in every paragraph of contents which simply kills me from reading on whatever good quality information he had installed for me. Making a small profit comes from his strategic banners placed around the blog and it is not in the way of readers view, making his writeup a pleasant read.

Expanding Fabien's Route To Success
My advice to Fabien would be to start another 2 more sites, expanding his business by creating premium themes for wordpress users which is a lucrative business, base on his current blog design, it is worth $300 per theme sold by many other wordpress designers. He could also start another website offering blog consultation and releasing a comprehensive ebook and podcast material which can be downloaded by users for a one time subscription.

Fabien looks set to evolve together with his blog as he grow and expands, Please check the site out and tell him what you think of it. My note to him is his alternative route to success by creating another 2 more websites to cover the topics he is good at. Overall, i am glad i have subscribed to his blog and read his ebook which covers a large aspect of gaining constant traffic!

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Domain Registration With PayLessDomain

You used a blogger platform with free hosting to run your blog and after it 4 months, you realise you need a better domain name in order to attract more traffic and for visitors to easily remember your blog but you do not want to put to waste the post you had made over the months, your next decision is to purchase a domain and redirect your current blogspot sub-domain to your new domain name.

Welcome to PayLessDomain, Australia's favourite domain registration site for buying cheap Australian domain names. PayLessDomain offers a wide range of domains which you can choose on their website.

Registering a domain on their website is so easy, even if you have a rough idea of what your next domain name would be, type it in their search box, they will give you a random list of domain still available. This easily help you figure out which domain would still look comfortable in the eyes of you and your visitors.


PayLessDomain Aftersales Guaranteed
Purchasing even just one domain with guarantee you with an aftersale that you will not forget. The exhaustive list as shown below:
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • FREE Email Hosting
  • FREE URL Forwarding
  • FREE Management Tools
  • FREE Domain Name Parking
  • FREE Member Account
  • FREE Renewal Reminders
  • FAST Domain Approval
Discount That is not Worth a Glance
I happen to read the portion which tells me if i were to register a domain for two years or more, i would be entitle with a special discount. I was very excited when i hear this and attempt to click on it's "discount list". Giving me a Normal Price and your volumes discounts tells me another story, i pay $31.48 for a normal price and if i buy 10-20 domains in a 3 years deal, my discount is just $0.35, that amount comes up to $31.03? Please do enlighten me if you can see this post.


I truly believe you should try Paylessdomain service because it was recommended by one of my Australian friend. While it offers Domains for registration, Paylessdomain also offers web hosting, Ecommerce services and they come in affordable package.

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Controlling The Need To Own One: Mobiles That Brings You News

You need to be tech savvy in order to keep up with the current world and reading the current affairs on your newspaper is not going to help you gather the latest happenings around.Blogging requires you to gather the latest breaking news so that you are able to publish them on your blog first hand. You need the latest technology to help you move around conveniently.

Folks you got to keep yourself aware of what is the latest trend which can help you access worldwide news from a touch of a button and amazing it can be carried around with you and the weight is unbelievable light. Why not let Dial-A-Phone help you with the choices of mobile that you can purchase through their online website. This review covers more than just talking about the phones and network, it also covers a portion of how you can make money too.
One of the fastest growing industries in the world is purchasing one of these handphone that gives you everything. Dial A Phone is UK's number one specialist direct supplier for handphone. What i like about them is i get a price that is a quarter cheaper than what i am getting on the streets in London, this is possible since DAP have cut the step of going through a middleman.

The Trustable Secured Network in UK
One of the leading mobile network that is widely available and used by the people living in UK is O2 network which provides impeccable services. It offers a wide range of phones which are the latest in a competitive price. Currently O2 carries a line of models, Nokia, Samsung,Sony Ericsson and Motorola which are top manufacturers in the business.

O2 Mobile Phones offers a great line of sight with amazing coverage Nationalwide which allows you to enjoy hassle free connectivity wherever you are. This means you are getting almost 99.9% guarantee that while you are on an important business conference with your partners, the line provides crystal clear connection with less than a percentage of getting your line disconnected.

Buy A Phone & Receive A Free Gift/Discount
While the price of the O2 phones can be purchase at almost half the price sold in the high streets, this comes as a surprise giving away gifts to their customers. What Dial-A-Phone offers is discounts and a whole list of gifts ranging from Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 and Ipod which are excellent give away gifts. Is it worth buying a phone now? I got to raise 2 hands with such an opportunity coming right to my doorstep!

playstation gift
Right at the bottom second half of the website, you can choose from a range of phone which i used Nokia 6300 as an example and also adding my Playstation 3 40GB gift. You are also able to run through the review of the Nokia 6300 once you have added the phone to the list.
02 mobile networks
Once you have confirmed that you want the phone, it is also advisable you run through the list of plans that is offered for O2 mobiles. You can move on once you have decided on the plan to subscribe too and do your necessary payments through Dial-A-Phone.

Mobile Affiliate Program
Remember how i said there is clearly an opportunity for all of us to take this chance to make money with Dial-A-phone? DAP offers a fairly lucrative affiliate program that pays you a massive £40 for every customer who clicks through and connects.
affiliate program
While other affiliate program gives you a percentage which does not even reach the amount regardless whether you a phone at £120 is sold, you still receive your £40, that is not bad for a mobile shop and you should take this chance to make extra incentive by signing up their affiliate program.

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SEOMeter - Neat Analytic Tool Unveils Your Google Crawl Rate

seometerSEOMeter is the latest analytic tool that helps track down how often Google is crawling your website. This neat handy tool is bookmarked on my browser and used frequently to check on my "crawl cycle" status. All the analytic information is made available to you in terms of graphics useful for SEO analysis and understanding the behavior of the Google Bot.

Why SEOMeter uses only Google Search Engine?
Google is the only search engine that allows public access to the caching timestamp of cached URLs. (by using [cache:] search command). SeoMeter plan to incorporate more search engines into our monitoring system when other search engines start to make detailed cache timestamp publicly available.

I am sure you know by now that Google not only crawl and indexes your site but they also keep a good record of when your site was last cached.

This is how you retrieve your last crawl on Google search engine, type in your own website and look for "cached" at the bottom of the index link(in yellow) and you will be able to retrieve when your website was crawled:



How do i Check my Status of my blog?
Visit SEOMeter website, on the right top corner, there is a searchbox(highlighted in light of my screenshot). Type in your website eg. "cnn.com" and not "www.cnn.com"and press "GO". It will bring you to the page that will read your Crawl Cycle graph.

seometer-tool-add site

How do I interprete the crawling history graph?

The history graph visualizes how the crawl cycle (CC) of a given website changes over time. The CC is the time between two consecutive crawls (i.e., cache updates) done by search engine robots. Currently we display the last 3-month history of crawl cycles for a given website.

The x-axis of each dot in the figure represents the timestamp of search engine's crawling event. The y-axis of the dot is a past one-month average of crawl cycle from that date. So for example, CC=2 on Dec. 20 means that between 11/20 and 12/20, search engine crawled the given website once every other day on average.

With the graph that shows the crawl frequency you get complete analysis as shown in the figure below.


Top 20 Category Directory List
SEOMeter even went to the extend of providing you with a top 20 categorized list of crawled websites. Categories includes : Internet marketing, Blogging, Social Network.

top-20 website

I felt this tool was more useful for those who are slightly experienced and know what cached and crawl cycle rate means. SEOMeter could give more than just numbers and percentage, a brief on what 1 month crawl cycle and 3 month crawl cycle means would do beneficial to the newbies.

Overall SEOMeter gets my thumbs up on 2 points:
  1. Being a free tool to everyone who could use it, and they have nothing to lose.
  2. The ability to provide me with accurate Google crawl cycle rates which i am interested.
Add your site on SEOMeter and start reading your website crawl stats, you have nothing to lose!

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Rebating Using Coupons for Discount Online With CouponChief

coupon-chiefI was catching up on the news recently in the world section of my newspaper and stumbled up a page which had many advertisements with slashing sales of 50% on apparels & electronics happening islandwide, but there is a catch, you need to cut out the portion on your newspaper to redeem your items and at the back of my mind i thought to myself, how nice would it be, if we could have an online store that would give us discount without the hassle of cutting out coupons from my newspaper.

Googling it on the internet, i found CouponChief which was the online leader in coupons, deals, and discounts. I started to read a little on who Couponchief is and a little statement which got me to believe they are a group of dedicated crew who will serve me better.

" We strive to provide a one stop coupon deal and discount resource for our Web site visitors. Our focus on customer support and providing up to date coupon codes and promotional deals and discounts is unparalleled in the online shopping e-commerce industry."


Start making a list of items that you need to purchase for yourself or even as presents to your friends, most of the major brands could be found here at Couponchief with the best deals in town. Coupons are nicely sorted into categories from clothing to travel; you can also search by store (Best Buy, Overstock,Dell, etc.). This would be a good place to check for deals before you hit that final "submit my order" button.

A video that teaches you how to go about getting your discounts with Couponchief, this tutorial will guide you along the way.

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Affordable Lifetime Web Hosting Service

Whether you’re a brand new webmaster who have decided on creating your first website or an experienced guru who already owns 10 sites. There is one thing in common which the 2 share, which is a web host that is dedicated to it's clients, reliability and also the functions which webmaster can work on without any hassle involved.

Webmaster who intends to start e-commerce and small biz websites needs a paid hosting in order for their website to run smoothly. There are free web hosting that could host your personal webpage, however, free web hosts rarely let you host your own domain, impose forced ads on your website and also have very strict data,space and bandwidth limits.

"Top Hosting Center will meet any competitor’s pricing on any web hosting plan or dedicated server package! THC challenges You to find a better alternative to our web hosting packages, prices, quality and customer support!"

Enter TopHostingCenter.com. Offering a stream of plans that appears to offer the impossible. THC is offering a special hosting with 250GB space, 3000GB Bandwidth and unlimited MYSQL Database which allows bloggers to create as many blogs as they want with THC.

What i personally like is their universal platform of using Linux & Windows, 99.9% uptime and also a risk-free 30 day money back guarantee. The special web hosting plan will tell you more of what you can expect for only $4.95 per month!

xmas rudolf tophostingcenter

A Xmas Rudolf Special hosting Price on Valentines day?

While Christmas Season is over, THC is still celebrating with their customers on a special joyous moment, back by popular demand, THC is offering 500 more hosting special with 250GB space, 3000GB Bandwidth and unlimited MYSQL Database for only $95 for LIFE! That is professional hosting for life and if you could find me another web host that offers such a deal or better, i will give you a free spot on my 125x125 banner for 2 months!

This Rudolf Package is just so irresistible and this is what you can long forward to if you purchase it now to become the last 500 customers with THC at $95 for professional life hosting!
  1. A one time fee of $ 95 US gets you free setup with no hidden charges and you never pay for hosting again - ever!
  2. Professional web hosting with 250 GB disk space, 3000 GB bandwidth
  3. 1 FREE domain for as long as you remain a THC client, included in your package
  4. Instant blogs and innitial optimization - yes, we are talking about a blogger tailored solution!
  5. Unlimited MySQL databases that will allow you to create as many blogs as you want
  6. Create as many subdomains as you like on the FREE domain offered by THC
  7. Bring to Rudolf as many domains as you want.
  8. Don't worry about your data: Rudolf has got instant backups plus...
  9. Unlimited FTP accounts
  10. Qeb mail and unlimited email aliases
  11. Unlimited custom DNS records
  12. FREE anti-spam protection
  13. Instant eCommerce - CubeCart, osCommerce2, phpAdsNew, phpCoin, SugarCRM, OpenAds and ZENCart
  14. Web analytics reporting tool
H-Sphere Control Panel
I am never a C-Panel lover, so when i got to know THC is using H-sphere, i know they are able to keep their customers happy and for those who are using the H-sphere panel for the first time, this is what i have to say, it is a much slicker than Cpanel, and the layout and navigation looks much easier. I am sure everyone know the problems Cpanel is facing with unstable bugs around and that is why i trust H-sphere Control panel more and you can login live on to the H-sphere panel live to experience it yourself.
h-sphere control panel

Dedicated 24/7 Support Crew Specialist
THC offer a comprehensive line of hosting solutions backed by an expert support system. Never before has true enterprise class web hosting been available at such affordable prices. Every aspect of THC is geared to meet the demands of a changing web and customer needs. THC offers 24/7 Presales and level 1 support for simple questions. THC offer through Ticket system an excellent chat support 24/7 as well for all kind of questions and technical concerns.

Make Money With THC as an Affiliate Host Seller
A company that is reliable and confident about their own products will provide affiliate revenue to their partners and they can earn up to $150 per sales. By far the easiest opportunity to make additional money promoting a reliable hosting server.

It seems to be the cheapest and best selling package you can find for this month of Feb and i would like to share with you again what THC is offering. Top Hosting Center Offers you a great deal for life time hosting at just $95! This opportunity is open to the next 500 customers who intends to fully exploit this offer given by THC.

A simple Math calculation, let's say you will be using web hosting service for 20 years and through this promotion which cost you only $95 for a lifetime payment. Just $4.75 per year, you get dedicated crews and servers to manage your hosting problem and this is by far the cheapest and efficient crews i came across.

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A Revolutionary One Stop Publishing Ad Network

rubicon-project-beta-networkFinally an Ad Network that lives up to it's claim to help you make money and with over 300+ advertising network participating to toggle randomly on your website, i don't see a reason why you are unable to optimize your ads to fit your website.

I was able to catch a beta ticket invitation(open to 500 spots) to get a first glimpse of what this power punching site have to offer for those who are using multiple ad network and also those who have given up on those revenue network because they are unable to hit the minimum withdrawn status with the limitation of ads available for their website.

The Rubicon Project is an LA-based startup that raised $6 million last week in an A round from Clearstone Venture Partners (with $2 million of that coming in the form of venture debt from Square1Bank). Rubicon is a site that consolidates a huge number of advertising network to work for publishers like you on a much more simple scale. The service breaks down ad inventory into 9,000 micro-segments by geography, demographics, and context. You will expect more relevant ad units displayed with a variety of static, animated and flashy banners available to your preferred settings on your dashboard.

These are what you can expected to see when you have the opportunity to sign up as one of their publishers and start using their ad tags to make mad cash. There are a number of ways your advertisement can be displayed since they offer over 300 ad network.
  1. Display Image Banner
  2. Display Text Ads
  • 468x60 Banner
  • 728x90 Banner
  • 160x600 Banner
  • 300x250 Banner
Rubicon actually do allow adult sites to join them since they are able to accept adult ads to run, so making sure you impose restriction to the ads display is very important.


Ad Network Preference
This is where you are able to run the preferred ad network that you want on your website, you can see many familiar sites like YPN,Adbrite,Adsense,Chitika,Commission Junction and even Tribal Fusion. You are covered on all aspects of CPM,CPA, CPC and affiliate networks. Will this in place, will international users make money using networks like YPN which is only open to US publisher or will it be automatically filter out of your range? The network seems huge enough for me to forget who YPN is and there are many network that are strongly welcoming international publishers.

rubicon ad-network preference

Demographic & Geographic Works like Wonder
Apparently this was what i am looking for on a ad network, the ability for me to check on my micro statistics which i am sure you guys will love it when you get to use it. It really breaks down to a very clear pictur