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7 Effective Buying Methods To Generate Targeted Traffic

Generating traffic can be the biggest frustration, particularly someone who is new in this business. Creating a resource post can help drive targeted traffic to your blog and you can boost your traffic using social media marketing and i must warn you that it is pretty addictive and powerful. In one of my post "How to get unusual Traffic to your blog", I show you 7 of the craziest methods you would do to drive massive and targeted traffic.

Basically the whole idea was to generate lots and lots of traffic to your blog and improve your loyal readership on your blog by increasing the size of your Rss Subscribers. Today i bring you another post on generating traffic, there are 7 methods which i will like to introduce and they will carry more weight as compared to the rest of the methods and it's a much effective way of ensuring targeted traffic to your blog, are you ready to buy your traffic now?

Buying Social Media Ads
Stumbleupon is a social bookmarking site that allows users to discover good content websites using a browser toolbar. Clicking on "stumble" and a random page will be delivered to your browser. Now you can decided when you want to give a thumbs up or down rating to the website that you have visited. Stumblers now can buy space to direct high quality traffic to your site at just $0.05 per page delivered. It is highly possible that every visit could be converted in regular readers and even subscribers.
Image Credit:ptinico
Sponsor me and i will spread words for you
Purchasing sponsored reviews is an excellent way to start your website. The benefits includes targeted traffic,Rss Subscribers and also backlinks. You can purchase a review directly like how you can purchase one at my blog or else you can buy it from sponsored review sites like SponsoredReviews, PayPerPost, Smorty or ReviewMe. Becoming an advertiser with them enables you to set the number of reviews you need and how much are you paying for each review, the lowest i have seen so far sets at $5 per review so it is not as bad as you think.

Buy Adspace on Niche Blogs
Buying adspace on other sites to generate traffic is still effective used in this era, I am sure the traffic generated can be much better than what you buy on a pay per click(PPC) basis through ads network. You can start by doing your homework assessing some blogs you would want to advertise with. An advertiser needs an advertising page to sell it's ads and these are the Considerable factors which could determine the price of the ads - Pagerank(pretty irrelevant nowadays), Alexa Ranking, Technorati Ranking, Number of daily,months visitors/pageviews and Rss Subscribers.

Use Adwords to receive effective targeted traffic
Like i have said buying adspace on niche blog seems to be a better idea in driving more clicks to your blog. You can make PPC work for you and since i am not an expert in this field, Zac Johnson wrote a great guide on PPC marketing and it teaches you how you can use adwords to optimize every cents to work for your blog.

Don't Laugh! - Craigslist works!
If you are laughing at the design of Craigslist and ask what can this site give you in return, let you tell you what it already have. Craigslist alone have 100 million visits every month which means it is a potential gold mine. For a very small amount of money, you can post your classifieds in their listing and it could be one of the cheapest way to get targeted traffic. Setting the correct preferred category is the key to convert your visitor into a loyal readers. If you are a freelance writer, post your ads in the writing section.

I have found another 2 crazy way to make millions of people remember you and this might cost you a little and do it only when you are sure you can make a huge profit back by advertising in this way. Recommended for those selling a service or trying to create a brand for themselves.
beggers on the street
Image Credit:GR Digital Kid
Employ the cheapest Workers in the city
In Hongkong alone, almost 3,000 beggers stay around this busy city begging for help, i am sure they do have an organization or association where they gather together like how you do it in the club with your friends. Instead of seeing them beg so hard on the streets why not give them each a job, make them wear a t-shirt bearing your website and ask them each to walk on the streets in a 4 hour job, i am sure these lazy beggers will turn effectively workers once they hear they can earn more money in just 4 hours of begging!

Getting your Blog's Domain on Tissue Packets
If you have visited Japan before, almost every subway that you visit, a cos-play girl will walk to you offering you tissue packs for free! The tissue packs contains a cardboard(banner like) which bears your website. Creative way to gain traffic or just pure craziest on how you can generate traffic to your site.

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4 Responses to "7 Effective Buying Methods To Generate Targeted Traffic"

Bill Macken

I live in japan and like what you say, you can see these young girl in their cosplay and giving out free tissue packs with a name card like within.


I have tried to use smorty before at $5, what i got was a 100+ referral traffic and total of 20 backlinks with 20 reviews.

Only a small percentage turn loyal readers for my case but it was an experiment i took.


Alexa ranking has its own significance in the ranking position of website in the search engines. The ranking in Alexa.com serves as a criteria for the Webmasters, advertisers and ad networks as a gauge to determine the worth of a link on your website. If one depends on link or site selling as a form of monetization one will definitely want to increase their Alexa rank because it’ll increase bargaining power when it comes to ad pricing. Here we are taking into account the ranking of Social media. Social media is an Internet media that allow people to interact in some way. Social media can take many different forms, including Internet Forums, message boards, weblogs, wikis, podcasts, pictures and video. The basic services provided by these sites are interactive connections. The 10 social media sites stated below are ranked high in Alexa.com. These are:-

1. Yahoo
2. Microsoft Network
3. Google
4. You tube
5. MySpace
6. Orkut
7. Facebook
8. Hi5
9. Blogger.com

Like Orkut.com is the online social networking services operated by Google. Here people come into contact with each other and build up relations whether personal or business.

effective internet marketing says
November 15, 2009 8:53 AM

..Very useful. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I haven’t been with a blog like yours for a while. I already bookmarked your site so I can keep on coming back.

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