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Plug In Your Latest Plurk Plugins
Plurk is the latest humor and chat place where people leave small notes on what they have been doing over the past minutes and pondering whats next on their move awaiting for others to reply. Many have called it the clone of Twitter, some have mentioned how Plurk gets straights As winning Twitter in many areas..
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Remarkable 3 Social Media Sites To Use

In 2008, the buzz keyword is social media and how social media can transfer a site that brings in zero traffic to a five figure viewership in less than a month. By using social media site, you are able to develop your own community and group of friends who are there to support what you have for them, it's like a micro-blog system that allow you to keep in contact with online friends and in the mean time share with them what you have found on other interesting blogs. It come be a story, article, photo or even a video but it all shows the power of social media.

Darren Rowse posted an interesting question and it was asked by his twitter friend philbaumann: if you were permitted only 3 social sites to work with, which ones would you pick?

Personally, I have signed up for almost every new social community that had popped up on the internet but after a full tour through the community, almost three quarter of them just don't feel as good as what they have announced. The rest could be the lack of tacky media release and use of other social media community that are already established to promote their new site. Still with a list of good social sites, i have decided to choose the top three of my choice.

Social Bookmarking: I have received four figure visitors with Stumbleupon, maybe because of the information that i feed into social bookmarks, i do not received more than a thousand visitors with Digg even when i could get that with submitting my post through Stumbleupon. It was also less Tech, Politics bias social bookmarking site.

Social Networking: Call me old fashion, but i personally prefer Friendster over Facebook and mySpace for a good reason because i first started using them and do not fancy application that Facebook offer which are distracting and make me more un-productivity over time.

Social messaging: Surely it would have to be Twitter which makes it as my top Social messaging site and also a place where i can do micro blogging of what i am doing. It's really a place to interact and tell others what you are doing right at that moment.

What would you have chose if it was you? Would it be Digg or even Reddit. Is there another Social messaging site that you know beats Twitter or you disagree with me that Friendster is the best, why not share with me your top 3?

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Google Ads Collaborate With The Gay Community

I was confused and amused by Google's way of accepting advertisers into their system for publishers to advertise relevant advertisements for relevant contents and keywords. The reason why i am making this post is to urge Google Adsense Team to stop having ads like this on blogs that are totally irrelevant to what my Celebrity blog is talking about.


Firstly, I don't talk about gay knowledge on my celebrity blog and i do not have expertise on that. I am sure those keywords that these advertisers have are somehow related to what i was talking about on my blog which is why it appeared and it's insulting.

Secondly, I am not sure why ads like these are being promoted on blogs and my initial thought was such ads are offensive and should not be accepted by Google. Correct me if i am wrong because that was the reason why i used Adsense in the first place instead of other competitive PPC network.

Anyway if you still see these ads hanging around, I urge you to have them removed from your advertising network because they are offensive on some blogs that do not talk about it. Overall, i am just disappointed with what happened, have such ads ever appeared on your blogs before, what could happen if your kids asked about what "Gay" means?

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Alexa Just Threw A Bomb On Every Site!

Alexa seems to have lost it's ability to give us accurate ranking after i notice a drop of more than 100,000 which makes my blog rank at 200,000 plus. This downward trend have been notice when i discovered my blog slowly decline due to my lack of posting over the past 2 months.

Recently I have picked up my traffic again and with my blog bash contest, the traffic i receive does not seem to be lesser than the previous time around. I was puzzled at the drop recently, nothing have been said by the Alexa Team but i will give a random list of blogs that are affected under the screwed-up Alexa Ranking from what i can remember in their previous ranking.

  1. Problogger - 3797 to 12917
  2. Shoemoney - 4937 to 19818
  3. Johnchow - 5679 to 17088
  4. Dailyblogtips - 14478 to 68649
  5. CourtneyTuttle - 21019 to 67687
  6. Yaro Starak - 19581 to 49443
  7. Andy Beard - 23961 to 90210
  8. Vandelay Design - 28119 to 130560
  9. Ian Fernando - 62915 to 146486
  10. Google Lady - 68757 to 107138

Did your blog suffer from the same results that i have given here? What is Alexa Team Doing recently, i guess they have lost their touch and i am very dissappointed, i will be using compete very soon instead of them.

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YouTube Videos Are Viral And Wasted My Entire Day

youtube-additiveI was surfing the Youtube practically the whole day, it was rather viral and i have just lost my one day income. Why is there a loss in income? I could have attained maximum profit making with the number of x hours that i used to watch useless videos which i could have used to write at least a hundred pillar articles and have them compiled and sold to many other potential users who are interested in purchasing exclusive article package for a sum of money.

Forget Reel from Reality
I was practically engross with the videos that i was watching, it was all comedy videos that gave me alot of laughter and i always go for something funny even when i watch the movies! Apparently once my search for this particular man started, it did not stop me from watching one after another and only when it turned dark then did i realise i have wasted my x hours at home not doing anything productive at all!

Learning from Youtube
Although it was a waste of time viewing the list of videos that i have gone through which did not make me a single cent but i learned an important lesson which was to have random link which could expose other contents that could interconnect between one another using a particular keyword.

If you are interested in the videos i have watched, please do remember to watch it on my blog which i will add in the links and do not click further because it just gets a little too much and you might end up like me wasting my time on non-productive things.

Of course there were more, but i thought three would be enough to give you a laugh before you get back on your serious work.

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Bill Gates Learned His Microsoft Tactics In Jail!

Today we bring you the reason why Bill Gates was so successful in his microsoft company and his secrets to making billionaire. Bill Gates was once a Jail Bird at his teens and manage to see the light while he was looking into the clear blue sky. This Pictures Proofs it all that he was once a jail bird. Believe it?


Happy April's Fool Day!
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11 Wet And Hard Dreaming Bloggers

11 Wet And Hard Dreaming Bloggers  There could be tons of blogs talking about April Fools Day and these are the lot of amazing stories i have read for the past 1 hour and most of them are wet dreaming of taking over companies, selling blogs, suing the arse out of social network and not able to see reel and reality.

Some of the best stories that i have compiled for everyone to read and laugh along to celebrate a day like this. I am sure you know John Cow is selling himself to the nearest butcher, John chow is labelled as a sugardaddy for all bloggers and Daniel who blogs daily at Dailyblogtips just got acquired for $168,000 to Al-Carlton and more, these are the 11 bloggers who seriously have something to tell you guys!

  1. Hire or Sell? - John Cow
  2. John Chow Cola - John Chow
  3. I Got Banned From Google Adsense! - Garry Conn
  4. John Chow Hacked Netfool - Netfool
  5. TweetBait, April Fools and Jokes on a Blog - Problogger
  6. Dean Hunt has Died - Dean Hunt
  7. Daily Blog Tips Has Been Acquired for $168,000 - Dailyblogtips
  8. Outsourcing Tim Ferris - Tim Ferris
  9. Breaking RSS 23,000 Readers - BloggingFinger
  10. A Hummer $71,435 As a Contest Prize - WinningtheWeb
  11. AdesBlog won’t be accessible after this - AdesBlog
  12. Suing Facebook for 25million - TechCrunch
Digg this post to help these bloggers get heard, i am sure many of them need us to give them a helping hand.

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Guest Writing Project And Win Great Prizes


After receiving around five guest post from individuals in the past two days who have sneak in and taken the opportunity to win prizes from my blog bash contest which i am celebrating my one year anniversary blogging together with my readers. I am holding a writing project giving away attractive prizes which will be randomly posted on my blog and selected entries posted on my blog wins prizes which i will announce on the 14th Apr 08 together with the other 2 categories which is heavily flooded with entries and subscriptions through my email.

I am glad the contest is moving in a uphill pattern but i am shocked by the dull level of participation from the writing project which i have in total 14 prizes for 14 individuals who's article is will be judged and selected to be posted on my blog and i have to say that it is for the cause of having fun, while the prizes are surely attractive, the participation level is what i am looking for, so start cracking your brains and write in your entries!


The Task & Requirement
Your task with this project is to write about internet marketing,social media, blogging tips or affiliate marketing related topics. I am also keen in those who can provide me with resourceful lists eg. "10 Email AntiSpam Tools", "Top 5 Social Media Sites We Submit", i have no restrictions on this resource list theme, so bloggers who have something in mine got just throw me a list and submit it to me. Write it in any style you like, a rant,list, video or even in table form, anything really!

Once you’ve written your post simply forward it to my email with your doc attachment(please have it in microsoft doc) or you can email me the whole post at profitlinez@gmail.com. Make sure you include your name , your short description of your blog (as you want it to appear in the post). Each individual picked and selected as my guest post of the day will automatically win attractive prizes from the sponsors.

The point of writing and Why Write In the Most Useful Way?
Be as creative as you can and take this in any direction you like. You’ll have a much better chance of getting your post noticed if it’s useful and/or interesting to readers and write something relevant to the topic of your blog.

Rule to all Participating Friends
You can submit multiple entries to me but you are only entitled to win one prize on this category and in order to win more, you can subscribe through my email or write a post on my contest and link to every sponsors that gave support to this contest. 14 Winners will be emerged and the prizes are announced on 14 Apr 2008, so good luck to all!

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Follow-up to referring your users to sign up for AdSense program changes

I am sure Google Adsense Team have gone through a number of bloggers who have shown their dismay and displeasure on the removal of the referral revenue that they could make over time. I was one of those that replied with a bold title saying Google could just retire from the scene. Now again they have reviewed and considered the feedback given by the "People" and modified their plans.

This was the email i receive a couple of days back and this was what they have to say to everyone who are still supporting Google Adsense. It sounded all the same to me like how widgetbucks tried to remove the international publisher entirely but failed, i guess this is how contextual network works for, "profit".

"Hello AdSense publisher,

We are writing to give you an important follow-up to the changes we announced earlier this month to the referrals to AdSense program. Since announcing the changes, we've received a number of responses about the program being dependent on the location of the referring publisher rather than the referred user. After carefully considering this feedback, we have decided to modify our planned changes.

Specifically, you will have the option to add a referral unit for AdSense within your account when you target any referral unit to Japan and/or any countries in North America and Latin America. To ensure payment for valid conversions, we recommend that you check the targeting settings on your current AdSense referral units.

We'd also like to let you know about upcoming changes to the referrals programs for Google Pack and Firefox:

Google Pack: Currently, you can earn up to $2 when a user downloads and runs Google Pack for the first time after being referred through your link or button. Starting the third week of February, each successful Pack referral will earn up to $1. This change will apply to all referrals for Google Pack and is independent of user location or publisher location.

Firefox: We will also be reducing payments for Firefox referrals from China during the third week of February. This specific referral payment change will only affect installations from users in China. As with referrals to AdSense, this is independent of your location as a publisher.

We understand that these changes may decrease revenue for some of you currently participating in these referrals programs. While it is our goal to help publishers earn as much as possible with the AdSense program, like any other referrals advertiser, we are constantly evaluating our campaigns to make them effective and sustainable.

Again, thank you for your feedback and support of the referrals program.


The Google AdSense Team

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043"

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Does It Matter Even If Digg Is Sold For 300 Million Dollars?

digg is falling Whether Digg sells for half a million or 300 million dollars, Digg users will still continue using this social news site because it targets a group of users that have long regarded Digg as a bypass channel which generates traffic for their blog and website.

In the last 2 months tons of bloggers sold their blog for a mere $4000-$25,000 with visitors ranging from 10,000-50,000 per month and now a big social news site like Digg with 11.5 million of uniques per month is placing a price tag of 300 million dollars, will you buy it if you are looking for a social site to invest with?

VentureBeat Reports..
“A reliable source just confirmed the company8217s plans, noting the company has hired Allen & Company, a tiny but influential private investment firm, to help broker a deal. The asking price is still $300 million, the source said.
This will come as no surprise. Rumors of a sale have been rampant for months, although until now we hear co-founder Jay Adelson has been trying to muster up interest in a sale. This is the first time Digg has hired a bank to shop the deal, we’re told.”

Now we know that Digg have already found a private investment bank firm to help them sell their site, Techcrunch posted on a short selling rumor history of Digg.

I personally feel that Digg will still continue providing that large amount of traffic to Tech Savvy Blogs & News Website which gives first hand breaking articles. While my blog had never felt the impact of how tens of thousand visitor mobbing my blog but i must thank those who have not sent me low targeted traffic which comes in n average of less than 10 seconds and leave without reading even my first paragraph.

Of course it might also mean that my contents are not that popular on a technology social site like Digg. That is why i recommend those why would like to feel a little jump of traffic submitting to stumbleupon instead. Does it really matter to you whether Digg is Sold, Don’t we still have Stumbleupon,Reddit and other social news site to be contented with?

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October Is Over - Look Forward To My Objectives In November 2007

Every month i tell myself i should aim for something higher and let's hope something special comes during November because i felt this month I had one of my biggest returns not in income but ranking and other special stuff. It was just surprises that hit me one after another.

Month of October Goals Met
  • Alexa Ranking - 160,000 to 97,000
  • Technorati Ranking - 39,000 to 27,000
  • Pagerank - 0 to 3
  • Rss Readers & Emails - 154 to 180
  • Earnings were drastically reduced since adsense was remove from the front fold
  • Not in my control but I Won 2 contest of $100 each, Lucky?
  • Releasing my 1st free report (Stumbleupon 14-page report)
slow updates on widget

Month of November Goals to be Met

  • Alexa Ranking Target --> 70,000
  • Technorati Ranking Target --> 20,000
  • Pagerank Target --> 3 (since they update only 3-7 month basis)
  • Rss Reader & Email Target --> 230
  • Sell all my Direct Advertising which i am experimenting, 1 More slot to go!
  • Release my 2nd free report/ebook
  • To Win John and Shoe Rss Competition Prize and something big soon!
What i have to Say
At last i have broke into the 5 digit Alexa ranking so now i have set a goal to reach 70,000. I am also very delighted with the number of increased authorities i received on Technorati though i had some problem with my previous account which is why my backlinks still stays at 200 only, you are more than welcome to drop me an authority by linking to one of my popular post. Do i care about my pagerank at all?

Technorati Experiment
Remember my Technorati 1000 Fans Experiment is still on, i lost almost 100 fans like i said caused by my previous profile being lost, but i am still keeping the fans in my list. If you want to be part of this Technorati 1000 club, add me on Technorati and drop me a note!

Rss Reading is strongly encouraged
It might be because on average i post almost daily so my subscriptions are not doing that well, i hope to see more subscribers on my blog, because you might have missed out an important or vital tip on my blog so i recommend you subscribe through email feed for the latest update daily to your inbox! Will you be one of the 230 that receives fresh inbox tips and tricks daily?

Fresh Tips in your Email Inbox Guaranteed!

Shoemoney & John Chow Prizes
I just thought i deserve to win something from these money makers! I am dying to win something from them. One day it will come and let's hope November is the month!

Releasing of my Second ebook/report
I just thought the release of the first report on stumbleupon did quite well, so i thought why not have another report or ebook release later this month in November? My ebook/report is going to be about make money online, but instead of just dumping affiliate links and the programs purposes. Do you have an idea of how i can create a better and more useful ebook which you want to know personally? Email me or drop me a note, i would like to hear your thoughts of what you want, like make money blogger's case studies etc..

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Speedlinking Monday Karma

Flickr vivid image

It is time to do some speedlinking on Monday, these are the few links i came across.

Skelliewag presents a set of 37 viral post ideas you can use

Blogstorm leaks out Google pagerank algorithm

Rob Mead gives out 2 of the biggest SEO tips for blogging

Vandelay designs shows you stats on whether you should buy stumbleupon ads

Wendy shares what she had learned in 6 weeks of running a mini blog network

It seems like Blogger is allowing Follow-up subscription on comments

Maki touches on creating the right content to achieve your income goals

Making $200 in less than 10 minutes
This month income was gradually increased by the contest that i have won, 2 contest that earned me $200 in less than a few minutes. If you remember i won $100 from F1wolf in his guess my F1 Rider contest last month and the recent one which Don had named me his winner of the $100 for writting a great review on SBI.

There is no requirement to use any websites just their professional tools and strategies guidelines they have installed for you. SBI established since the birth of internet in 1997, and have never look back in making money for their affiliates. This quote is what SBI guarantees “We seek and heavily reward active, long-term, partner-in-sales relationships, not short-term, one-way deals.”

Invite You to SBI
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Making Zero Dollars but a Rise in Readers!

With my make money online blog slowly evolving, I am starting to remove ads that is annoying to the readers on my front page. The Usual Google Adsense is nowhere to be noticed on the front portion of my content. Wouldn't that affect your income?

With the poorly positioned ads, i must be honest to say i make cents out of Adsense for now. I intend to remove Adsense for good, because i am focusing on attracting direct advertisers. The reason why i am dropping out every single ads unit on my content is because the content is too cluttered with ads unit for my readers and they are placed aggressively on my top right hand side and 468x60 banner just below my content.

This lost of income will surely affect me, but as a money making blog i must be determine to find the right advertisers that i want on my blog. Removing the ads do improve one thing and that was the number of readers coming back again, i see a 40% rise from my average daily visitors to return back and read my contents again, this is a valuable lesson which i learned, while i don't make any more income from this blog other than my last ad unit placed, i seriously think i will not receive any more fat adsense cheques ever again!

My Rss Feed have been on the rise again, lets hopeful i can hit 200 readers soon, i intend to give something out to my loyal readers, so watch out for my prize, which i will randomly pick from my those who subscribed.

What i am going to do over the next 2 weeks will be sending out emails to potential advertisers to look at my site and analysis whether they would like to advertise on my blog for a special price offered to them.

I am not sure whether it will work 100%, but if i just sit here and wait for someone to contact me for advertising space then it might not even happen. Why not increase the percentage by half contacting them and even if they were to decline, it is worth a try. Let's see who will be my advertisers for the month of November 2007.

If you will like to advertise on my blog, contact me and i am sure we can come to an agreement on the price that you can afford. My aim is to sell all my space by this month, so lets see what's the outcome!
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I Won $100 From Shanghai and Won Gospel Goodies From Canada

After i last won a few pens and cap from Super Affiliate Zac Johnson for being July's Top commentor of the month, everything seems to be running dry from the contests i participated. While i did join a couple of those exclusive prize winning contest, i try to avoid them now because the chances are 1 in a million compared to the rest and that is how i won some dollars and gospel goodies!

I won $100 dollars cash from F1Wolf who held a simple contest and it is to guess who is the man behind the wheels on the Ferrari in his header image?


You might have guess Michael Schumacher or Gerhard Berger but the car on fire is Stefan Johansson, 1985 Ferrari. With just 10 people getting this correct, my chances were 10% from winning this contest and that is pretty high compared to David Airey's contest which i calculated i had only 0.5% to win anyone of his $4,000 worth of prizes(which i did not win even an USB).


There is a video which he had done and he got a lady at the pit to draw the 4 winners of the large prints photos and also the $100 cash winner. Sad to say, i could not figure out what happen because the audio was not working and there is no way you can repeat that draw again since the winners are chosen, so it's the final results that was shown that counts on his blog. Surprising i am the winner of the $100 cash!

Not long after I went over to check on Michael Kwan's post, i am also a fan of Michael, he is a very interesting blogger and i love to read on his daily reviews and rumbles. His title "Etienne Teo Wins UGM Swag Without Knowing It" got me thinking, did i win another prize again? I guess i did win, it was a baseball cap and a Nalgene water bottle but did i tell you i was the only contestant?

union-gospel-mission giveaway

I would love to have this item shipped to me directly from his home in Canada, but i gave michael a breather since the shipping fee is gonna cost him more than the $25.90 that i donated to feed 10 more people for UGM which drew in $3,700(with John matching the 44 readers donation at $1,850.39 dollars) for the John Chow Donation Community. I told michael over the mail, that the items i won to be given to the children at UGM and maybe take a photo of that lucky child wearing that cap i gave back.

While i am not a God's Believer, i remember once i went to the church with my friends to experience what it is like to be loved by god, then he told me that in order for god to bless you, you should give what you can and then god will double that amount back to you. Today my $25.90 donation to Union Gospel Mission have certainly given me back more than just double the amount.

If Michael was to send me the baseball cap and the water bottle, i wonder which service would he chose to deliver to me, the Ground service from Canada to Singapore which might take 20 days, or the UPS Worldwide Express in 2 days time to reach me?
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What's up Sunday? - Write Better to get Repeated Visitors,How?

Today's focus is on how we can write better posts and also get repeated visitors to our blog, but you got to make sure you blog can loan fast enough so that you don't lose your readers. How can all these be done, let these bloggers tell you how it is done.

DailyBlogTips wrote an article on '10 tips for writing better posts', he brought valid points that a blog is only as good as the content delivered,being exclusive and outstanding among the rest will drive traffic,inbound links and others and his 10 tips will help you write better.

EtienneTeo tells you not to worry if you are suffering from Writer's block, as his 'A - Z Posting ideas' will surely get you on the writing move again. Write with so many excellent ideas that you can use on your blog.

DoshDosh gave '13 tips to get repeated visitors for your website', learn how to get back to back traffic and sales with a simple checklist he had created. To attract more people to your site, your presentation would be the first key to having customers followed by your products and then how attractive the price is and a little word of mouth marketing to get repeated visitors.

BloggingTips reminds us 'loading your blog quickly' is essential and with your blog not able to load that quick you will lose readers and that would not be what you want, so make sure you work on removing unneccesary things on your blog so that they can load faster and more efficient.

Miscellaneous read and news around

CashQuests delcares 'Agloco is dead' after Agloco updated their blog to tell their users how excited they are to announce how much they will earn online with them, How much is it you are earning? Let's say the top referral in Agloco might not even earn $100 per month, its time to boycott Agloco!

Problogger tells us to 'forget about pagerank and build a better blog', at last someone who is influential talks about it so that those who are a pagerank whore would give up the idea of just increasing their pagerank and focus more on their contents.

Muhammad Saleem lets everyone know what makes him 'give you a thumbs down' on stumbleupon, his 7 reasons are just so valid, so what's your reasons of giving a thumbs down?

whydowork gives tips on 'choosing the right niche for yourself'. In his post he stressed on 3 points that you should take away, Keyword research,Market research and then look back on your choices.

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Are you a SEO Specialist? - Prove to me you are one!

Are you a SEO Guru, Expert OR Specialist? If you think you are one or even want to prove how good you are with SEO tactics and knowledge, here is a chance to prove your worthiness in this SEO Quiz.Designed to test your mettle with 75 action-packed questions covering all corners of the SEO universe from beginner knowledge, to sneaky tricks only true Dark Lords of the SERPs will know.

This quiz is hosted by SEOmoz and i was puzzled with some of the questions which really got me nerve racking and amazed by how hard the questions are being asked as i progress, i would say this quiz is not made for the average joe's who knows only what backlinks is all about.

seo quiz are you an expert

Once you have done your warm up, you can start the quiz which will take you around 30 minutes to complete. In your quiz page you will see the questions and answer on the right while a Vertical Bar is on the left.

Every question that is answered correctly you will see an additional bar being added and if you get it wrong, the bar stays still. The higher the bar, the better your overall results are to be crowned SEO Expert.

seo quiz bar level

When you are done with all 75 questions, you will get your score and results. Amazing i got a 75% score which makes me a SEO professional, I am pretty pleased with the results. I might just take the test again to become an SEO deity, will i be an deity?
  • 91% - 100% - SEO Deity
  • 81% - 90% - SEO Master
  • 71% - 80% - SEO Professional
  • 61% - 70% - SEO Newbie
  • 0% - 60% - SEO Novice
seo quiz results and badge

Backdoor to become a SEO Deity
As always in every game there is always a backdoor or cheat code so no surprises for a quiz which allows you to be a SEO deity with just the second quiz taken, but take the first test seriously as it will gauge your SEO skill level, have fun for the next, anyway here goes:

  • After your quiz is completed, there will be an question and answer which tells you the correct answer and also a brief explanation of why that correct answer should be choosen.

  • Write all the answer on a piece of paper and restart the quiz.

  • The quiz answers runs random so make sure you write the answers in words and not remembering the order of the answers.

Are you game enough to become the next SEO Deity? Tell me your scores if you have completed the test and talk about your results, brag a little if you like.

Take your SEO QUIZ

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At Last my new theme is soon to come live on my blog and it's sheer hardwork put in over the past 1 week, with countless night not able to sleep for more than 4 hours just to complete the template-tweaking the code and making sure it appears well on both IE and Firefox with no major problems.

I will be releasing my new theme in the next 72 hours and after 3 months of blogging with the modifed Misty look, it is time to switch to a better design which i have created myself and you will be surprised at how much this design costed which i will reveal in the opening of my design so watch it and know who is the man behind this design!

I have written on a post about how important it is to gain traffic using a new blog design and throw those default templates away. If you have read about it i hope you have decided in a template from the list that i have which listed a good 3,000 Blogger and Wordpress Templates & Themes ready for download. If you have not read about it, i suggest you start reading my post to attract your traffic with a whole new blog design.

Purpose in Revamping my Blog Design
The main reason is to make sure my readers gets cover stories on my front fold, i have featured topics covered weekly and random blog tips which i will run with concurrent free reports & ebooks thrown to the floor to download for free!

Providing Maximum Exposure for Advertisers
My screenshot shows you that on the front fold, i have 2 very prominent spot which i am currently selling to those who are interested in grabbing a spot.
  • 468x60 Banner - This is a hot spot for maximum exposure on the top and of course it is a premium spot to fill. Since it is the start of my new blog design i am only offering this spot for a low $40/mth.

  • 125x125 Banner - The advertisers who shows up here gets great value and the ads are rotated randomly and there are only 3 more spots to fill. A new being with a price you can't resist, $15/mth! - I accept animated .gif but no flash.

  • Featured Links - A total of 10 Site Links will be featured, a limited 5 more spots to go and i am only offering this featured link for only $5/mth. You can choose your anchor text, a maxmium of 20 characters.

advertise on my blog

Special Trial for all Advertisers
When you want to advertise for a long time, details can be discuss and negotiable. One more offer which i am very confident i will see at least one advertiser coming to me which i will offer 1 week of trial advertising, tell me if you like it or not. I always believe in giving people a chance to try it out, and if you like it then you buy it.

What you will get as an advertiser in my campaign
My campaign is pretty simple, to sell all my advertising units and expose my advertisers on my blog post as much as i can to allow them to received maximum expose both from the banners and links on my blog.Advertiser who gives me a chance and advertise at my blog is guaranteed a spot for the subsequent months with a fixed price.

A neat advice for those who would want to advertise with banners
To make your banner more attractive, make sure you tell them why they should click on that banner. Some points which could help turn your banner into your next landing page button to your blog.
  1. Ensure a creative and unique phase is placed - "Download your free 50-page report to better blogging".

  2. Throw in a web 2.0 logo or a picture which could related to why readers should click on your ads.

  3. Never use bling bling or flashy words that could irritate or blind a reader eyes before he actually click on your ads.
If you are interested in advertising at my blog and start off with a free 1 week trial before deciding on purchasing the space i am always open and do contact me, it's a first come first serve basis. I guess i need my sleep now, will be throwing in more stuff later in the day, need my sleep for now! =)

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How to Avoid your Article Being Rejected by a Blogger

Among 45 entries who submitted through my blog carnival, Close to 20 entries were not related to blogging nor making money online, mainly those articles targets businessman, credits and college insurance and loans, i mean when have my blog started to talk about these?

A reply from a blogger to my mail: "why is my entry not related, you said make money online tips and blogging tips, didn't you?"

To answer that I did put up such claim that as long as your entry is related to make money online or blogging tips you are welcome to join this carnival, but did you read my blog's content before hand to know what i am blogging about before you actually send your article to me? If you had done so, you would not have send me irrelevant articles which you could bet on me not releasing articles not related to my blog.

For those who i have rejected for other reasons, it can be due to the length of article, content delivery or self product promotion. It should purely be good blogging tips and ways to make money online using Programs that pay you eg. Google Adsense, CJ, Linkworth, AdBrite and many others.

Before you submit your articles to fellow bloggers, read their blog and know what they expect from your articles so that they can present to their readers. You can always subscribe to their Rss Feed and read up on their daily updates before submitting, i am very sure by doing your homework, your article will accepted. For now lets enjoy the 14 exclusive tips from the rest of these bloggers.

Blogging Tips

Take the dust of your archive by Sandra

Be Community Involved to Get More Traffic by Superbloggingtips

The Ultimate Guide to PF Blogging Success: 100 Can't-Miss Resources by Sagar Satapathy

8 Essential Tips to write a Powerful Headline by Ken Xu

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FaceBook Advances: Importance of your Feeds and Status by Ianternet

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Make Money Online

How to make money blogging by Vanalli

Protect your Adsense Code by New Techi

Optimize Your AdSense Income by Spreading Content to Multiple Pages by Robinson Go

How to choosing the right price for your ebook by Sazkul

53 Ways to Make Money on the Internet by Edith Yeung

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My Blog Carnival Link Tag!

Though my Blog Carnival had ended,a total of 32 blogging tips and money making post were approved and in my Blogging and money making tips Part 1 and Blogging and money making tips Part 2, the articles provided are rich in content and have something to buzz about.

I would like to thank those who have submitted their articles and put in an effort to participate.

Courtney Tuttle - Author Courtney Tuttle
Raja Wang - Author Mr.Rajawang
Passionate Blogger -Author Wild Bill
Elizabeth Rose - Author Sandra

Blog a dollar - Author Lova
Scott Allen - Author Scott Allen
Credit Card Low Down - Author Sagar Satapathy
Patti Blevins - Author Patti Blevins

WebSite Profit - Author Sutocu
I do things - Author JD
Susanvlz - Author Susan Velez
Problog Design - Author Michael Martin

Mark Ashbridge - Author Mark AshBridge
Edith Yeung - Author Edith Yeung
Logo Design Works - Author Raj Dash
Instigator Blog - Author Ben Yoskovitz

Yeepage - Author Simon Hemmings
The Blog Beat - Author Edward Dowd
Net Writing - Author Tejvan Pettinger
Money Conciousness - Author Nenad Ristic

Unneglectable - Author Fc
Success with This - Author Peter
Blogging Bits - Author Mohsin
Super Blogging Tips - Author Taylor

Slyvisions - Author Sly
At Max Explorer - Author Sylv3rblade
Mtherald - Author Raj
eTechbuzz - Author Vijay

Appreciate if you would leave a comment if you happen to get a pingback! Cheers!

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Make Instant $25 with Auctionads when you signup!

auctionads affiliatesAfter Auctionads announced their plans to broaden their network, everyone is rushing to get their account with auctionads and I have wrote a dummy guide which should assist you in getting around how you can blend your ads and make them work for you.

Moreover they are going to increase your affiliate earnings from 2% to 5% and for every new publisher that signs up with auctionads, an instant $25 will be banked into your account for a kick start with auctionads.

What happens to those who have not earned a single cent with auctionads?
Of course auction ads are not leaving you guys out! If you have not made a a single cents from them, they are also bumping to your account $25.

New publishers just need to sign up and they will receive a balance of $25.00 automatically. Please note if you signed up with us previously and have never earned a payout we will bump your current balance to $25 too!

Do note that the minimum amount for payout is raised to $50. You still have to work your way to make that extra $25 to cash out. One way or another it seems to have increased the cash out rate by another $5 since the previous minimum was $20, but it's the incentive you are getting $25 which rubs the additional $5 away! Try AuctionAds get your first sweet $25!

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Blog Carnival Blogging and Make Money Tips Part 2

My blog carnival is closed, receiving another 13 more articles that wanted to be exposed in my blog. Among the 13 articles, 8 were approved post which is filled with rich information that can help you in blogging.

If you have not read the previous 24 tips then i am sure you will be blown away with most of the tips.

How to embed adsense add unit in left or right corner of post content? by Vijay
The 3 Pillars of Marketing by Edward Dowd
Attribution Theory by Nenad Ristic
The Blog is a Condom by Fc
10 Things To Do When You Have Nothing Else To Blog About by Sly
Better Websites: 10 Article Research Sources by Raj Dash
Search Engine Optimization For Yahoo by Courtney Tuttle
Useful Tool for Reviewing a blog by Mr.Rajawang

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