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Make Money With Ads4dough Affiliate Network - Becoming A Super Affiliate!

ads4doughI have been analyzing and could conclude that almost every 6-8 months, a brand new affiliate network will arise into the internet marketing scene and take off with heavy advertising on their new design & network which offers the best affiliate payouts you can find! Ads4dough which offers one of the best payouts in the affiliate industry comes with lightning fast commission payments but are they able to keep up with the competitive affiliate network market?

Ads4Dough is run on DirectTrack system, which also powers some of the other major affiliate networks out there. Contacted by Ryan who is one of the three affiliate managers, Ryan actually told me they are in the process of constructing a major revamp on their layout and structure process which i am sure not only will it look good but also be more user friendly than before and Ads4Dough takes every comment, users make seriously. This revamp structure is the user's voice and feedback gather over time by the affiliate managers. Ads4Dough is serious about how their program is progressing and since i have been actively in contact with them, their team works real hard with great Technicial Support over the mail as well.


Overview of AdsDough:
Ads4Dough Carries over 400 offers, with many top prestige companies like Date.com, True.com, Columbia House. I was attracted by the high lead payout which can be as high as $50/lead, on average of $22/lead and that was an amazing payout, one of the few affiliate network that actually pays so much for an advertising program.

I was excited to see many prestige companies and new merchants that i have never come across, i though the offers on ads4dough network was very refreshing and there are many different merchants i can work with and i am spoilt for a choice!


My Signup took awhile but it was all worth it!

The initial phase of my signup took a while and it was my own fault after clarifying the doubts which Ryan carefully explained and helped me along the way, i was sure i am in with a serious affiliate network who are truly looking forward to expand their database with geninue affiliaters like me. The signup should take you less than 6 minutes and it should be a breeze now after some adjustments made to suit the users better but remember to agree to the terms and conditions which is cleared stated in black and white that you do not commonly see in other affiliate companies, strict policies but it does not hinder me to signup after all.

The Campaigns & Search Values
Ads4Dough contains one of the most targeted search and campaign offers on the network. You can search for Campaigns that you want to carry by Category, or you can search for Specific campaigns, or Campaigns by Other criteria.


Payments that are flexible
Ads4Dough has a minimum payout of $50 a month, and pays every month on the 30th. You can do request with the a
ffiliate manager direct through email and all payments by default would be paid through cheques but upon request you can ask for transfer via paypal and it is much easier for those who are international publishers.

Rewarding System for your Earnings
Having a rewards program is always a great incentive to network affiliates. I must take my hats off for Ads4Dough is always thinking of many ideas to reward it's users but the rewards on this seems a little useless. Would I care about the $50 gift card you are giving when i earn $25000 monthly? It could be given out as a contest prize if you want to make full use otherwise i don't see any value in that amount, i would love to see a rebate system which Ads4dough could consider but it's just something to think about.

Referral System of 4% commission for life!

They have step up their affiliate referral commission from 2% up to 4% for life, this is much better than many other affiliate network. There is no cap on how much you can make from Ads4Dough network for Super-Affiliates. With every $5000 your referral make, you get 4% which is $200 as your commission!

Ads4dough is one of the latest affiliate network which provides many opportunities which we can venture into through their 400 over offers. I am sure this network have lots of potential in making money. I recommend you apply for their network and work with the current websites you own to build a super affiliate network, and i am also looking forward to their redesign and more wonderful benefits that would keep us active in the network!

Type of Programs Offered:CPA, CPS, CPL

>>Signup Adsdough now!

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13 Responses to "Make Money With Ads4dough Affiliate Network - Becoming A Super Affiliate!"

Dan Ukion

Excellent review written, I was impressed with the comprehensive writing but it will be good to give some screenshots of payments otherwise.

Js Liew

Ads4dough have a strict terms and conditions, i was confused by the setup but there are more to offer than other affiliate network and that is what i like about them.

Ryan Santos says
March 25, 2008 11:36 AM

Etienne, I appreciate your review. JS, thanks for the support as well. If anyone has any questions or concerns with Ads4dough, I just want to make myself available, you can contact me personally at Ryan@ads4dough.com and I will try to answer all questions posted on this review as well!


I have ads4dough as my affiliate network and hope it will earn me some dough soon.

Derek Outsource

Ads4dough offers a great affiliation return with 4% commission and its great to have known such a network.

exinco says
March 28, 2008 3:01 PM

this is another program that benefit to blogger. Payment per lead is pretty attractive.

Ads 4 Dough says
August 7, 2008 2:11 PM

Pretty nice review, the system has been changed and under new management! It is really rocking now... ;)

Franck Silvestre says
January 12, 2009 8:04 PM

Thank you for the review. I've just signed up, and I'm waiting for their call.

Attorney Smith says
September 15, 2009 7:13 PM

Good Article on Make Money With Ads4dough Affiliate Network - Becoming A Super Affiliate! I really appreciate it

Luis Mathews says
October 16, 2009 4:35 PM

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Angela Paul says
November 2, 2009 10:47 PM

Nice post! I have been looking for information like this one. I am just a new affiliate and I think these tips will really help. I will give 10 credits for this

Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer says
March 26, 2010 4:00 PM

yes it is very helpful post

Orlando Divorce Attorney says
March 31, 2010 6:28 PM

What is the method of making our business at top?

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