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How Much Money Can I Earn From Blogging?

Blogging used to be just an online journey, hobby and a place to express yourself in the online community, never would one expect blogging to turn into a community where people start to see blogging as a job, business, money generating place and the ability to sell your blog away for thousands of dollars.

On average monetizing a blog alone with contextually ads, earnings could easily hit 2-3 figure in less than 2 months. How can i make a 4 figure amount in a 1 month time? It is simple, you can't just stick to blogging alone. There are super bloggers out there who are making 4-5 figures in less than a month but almost 3/4 of the money they make comes from their products and services they provide outside of the blogging world.

These Bloggers have shown you that making money alone from blogging is never enough, you got to exploit other ways to make you more money.

Earning as much as you can by blogging
When i first got to know Darren Rowse on the internet, it was problogger that caught me but what i did not know then was his multiple blogs he had on religion, digital photography, camera phones were also part of his six figure earnings over the past years, so it was not a solo site that got him his six figures status. By the way Darren is a founder of the blog network b5media.

Making Money with Both Sites and Blogging
Most of the bloggers who generates real income comes from the sites they have outside of the blogging community. Look at Shoemoney, he was the ex-owner of auctionads and owner of nextpimp which sells ringtones and he did not sell nor advertise on his blog until late January 2007. Shoe Money might have realised he could have started generating revenues if he were to offer advertising spaces and look at how successful he is at selling his spaces.

Make Money with just Sites
Something special about super affiliate Zac Johnson is that he blogs with ZERO Ads so where does his earnings and screenshots of thousands of dollars come from on his blog, did he leech someone's earnings to showoff at his blog? Hell no, his earnings comes directly from the sites he owns and his blog is like a place where he shares his money making experiences. What you get is genuine reports and also how this program will fair at your site or blog if you intend to use them. Zac uses his blog to brand himself and his sites and that is how he makes money.

Factors contributing to your Earnings
Everyone says it's traffic and traffic, so what sort of traffic are we talking about?

Traffic Volume
. The volume of your traffic speaks the loudest in your earnings on your blog. The only way to increase your income is to improve your readership over at your blog.

Traffic Sources. Where do your traffic come from? Are they quality traffic or just coming in quantity? Let's look at the 3 possible ways you can generate traffic from, Loyal Readers, Organic Traffic and Referral Traffic.

Loyal Readers are proven to believe in what you have installed for them, they know you will not cheat or given them false information so you have won their trust, and most of the time when a product is being reviewed by you, chances are they will purchase the product under your affiliate link.

90% of those who are loyal to your blog might have already known the tips and tricks to monetizing a blog, so your well blended ads might not be of any good to them. Chances are your advertisments will be neglected unless you can pull off a creative way to rotate your ads around your blog daily.

Another portion comes from your Rss and Email Feed, unless you use Feed ads services to boost your earnings otherwise it would be difficult to monetize ads on your feed.

Organic Traffic comes directly from search engine and chances are they are looking for information that could help them. Your contextually ads working on your blog depends heavily on this group of users.

The contextually ads might provides relevant answer to the questions they have in mind. What they can't find on your blog will be directed through the relevant ads you provide on your blog otherwise they will continue searching for answers and your blog will be losted again in their eyes.

Referral Traffic comes in quantity and not quality, If you hit the front page of Digg, then you might just crash your own host if it does not have a strong background, but does all these referred traffic make you any income?

Most of the time, traffic that comes from stumbleupon and Digg will not earn you much. You will be surprise to see that the earnings for yesterday and today averages out to be the same though you see a raise of traffic when you had referral traffic coming your way.

What you can expect is an increase in Rss readers converting them from first time to loyal readers on your blog, in this way it could be one way to increase your affiliate earnings through them over time.

Opening your income resources to the right niche
Chances are you have already picked a niche that you would like to start but what are the right ways of introducing monetizing program on your blog, are they right for you?

Contextually ads uses a different group of keywords to trigger the relevant ads so it will work on almost every single niche. What you can look out for is whether your niche is suited for any contextually ads to be placed within your contents? The best worked out place to actually put contextually ads are within the contents, while they might look aggressive and overtime ad blindness will set in, it is advisable you change the position of your ads frequently.

Affiliate Programs works on the trust between you and your readers, if they believe in you then making affiliate marketing work is going to be simple. Not every niche could do well with affiliate marketing.

I always see these as a factor and how worthy they are in making me money.
  1. Are they popular?
  2. Are they going to sell?
  3. How much percentage fee am i going to make?
  4. Are they worthy of my buzz?
Certain niche makes it big and certain niche makes small fees out of affiliate marketing, so there if your niche does not make as much as contextually ads, why not give it up if it is not making you any money and wasting your precious time.

Getting a blogging Job again not everyone will fit into the clothes available for size M only. There are tons of opportunities out there and will you fit the bill? depends on the niche you have chosen. If you are good at SEO, you should provide consulting services to make money from your expertise and why not exploit your expertise if you can write great review of an upcoming blockbuster movies with a newspaper column or become a writer for a magazine edition.

How old is your blog?If your blog is still young, give it sometime to grow and bloom. Continue to deliver contents that will amaze your readers daily. What makes a older blog more efficient in making more money? These are just some of the facts which could well contribute to a more profitable blog.

  1. Quantity of Post. It is very obvious that without a good quantity of post, chances of readers linking from one post to another is not possible and it is vital to keep your readers reading and reading on your blog.

  2. Quality of your post. You can write and write and write and still wonder why your post are not making a lot of difference, that is because the quality of the post is just not enough to be graded as a A+ work.

  3. Short post results in a faster exit. How true! A short post can take less than 30 minutes to complete but requires less than 5 minutes of reading time before i am out of your blog.

  4. The older your post, the better your search ranking gets? In order to rank well on search engine, being older plays a small part but it depends on the number of backlinks and keywords used in order to determine your ranking on search engine.

  5. Talk This Do this. Gain the trust of your readers by talking about what you think will work and then do it and show them results, people love to see results and this is how you can increase your readership.
So how much can we earn from blogging?
You might be thinking i have just written a list of unrelated entries that does not talk about money alone but the factor is money making does not come from monetizing program alone, it takes effort from the start and needs a group of readership to build your income. The current stats have proven that there is an increase of bloggers who have been making quality incomes from their blog.

To be honest, if you have not tried out blogging on a niche you want to with great passion, then you will not know the final results of whether it can help you make money or not. What you can do start blogging for a few months and notice the ads earning you are receiving over the months.

Do a comparison with your traffic and measure whether the returns is worth blogging about, if not try another niche, blogging success and making money depends greatly on experimenting too. If you have never tried it, how can you know it will succeed?

Do you have a successful story to tell, why not share it with me and contact me on my email.

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7 Responses to "How Much Money Can I Earn From Blogging?"

charles says
October 30, 2007 7:37 PM

Good pointers you got there. Quality quality quality post.

Gerri says
October 31, 2007 2:27 AM

Yes, you could potentially earn a lot of money blogging but, that must not be your main focus. As you pointed out, you need to have good content in order to grow your readership and keep them coming back. The money will come if you chose to monetize your blog.


I am still trying hard to build a list of loyal readers, it seems pretty hard.i guess the niche really plays a big part.

keeyit says
October 31, 2007 3:33 PM

Learn some tips here.. Thanks for sharing..


It was a very refreshing article that i read about money making, thanks!

make money online says
November 5, 2007 8:29 PM

wow, that was a long post but truly worth reading. keep it up etienne..


Colin Wiebe says
June 19, 2009 3:27 PM

Thanks for sharing your tips and wonderful ideas. As of the moment, I use blogging as a past time, hobby, and my bridge of communication to my readers, friends and fellows out there but I don’t have any idea I can also earn money through it. Good thing I have dropped by here. I want to know more about it.

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