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Make Money Online with Auction Ads New 2.0 Design!

Auction Ads have been in the lime light for sometime since March 2007, Recently MediaWhiz acquired the company fully from Jeremy Schoemaker for an undisclosed fee. Auction Ads is an advertising widget that serves relevant eBay auctions based on tags placed by the publisher.

As a publisher with Auction Ads, you are paid 100% of eBay affiliate fees. Auction Ads had more than 5,000 publisher within a week and have more than 20,000 publishers registered in their network.
After giving a brief introduction about Auction Ads, I think it's really an idiot prove system to use, simple and effective! New Publishers who are looking forward to make money online can now breath on Auction Ads.

The All new 2.0 Design For Auction Ads
If you were a long supporter with Auction Ads and have seen their makeover through the months from the ads that were with poor resolution, distorted and stretchy looking advertising items to the all new refreshing 2.0 look, which will allow better images shown so that you can attract more clicks on your site, given the staff a few more weeks before everything is up!
Worry no more as you will get double the performance than before!
AuctionAds was very confident to say that they have "doubled the size of our hardware infrastructure and optimized it to ensure near 100% uptime of ad serving". This acts as an assurances to all of us that the problems we faced previous would be eliminated by their dedicated hardware.

Why should i sign up with Auction Ads?
Many people will think Auction Ads President Patrick Gavin paid me to review them, but all i can say is they would not be looking at me because i am not a big earner with them, Maybe if i am John Chow, i might get few hundred dollars for this review or maybe not?
If my memory served me well, i remembered giving them a drop when they were having problems with their servers and now i see the prospect of this program coming back with its assurances with Media Whiz which i see as a way to make more money online, don't tell me this is not what you wanted "make more money"!

Managing my Auction Ads Account
A little run through on how to actually setup your account which would help speed up the amount of time used to further optimize your ads. Its so simple there is no need to use multiple screenshots for elaborations.

Click on "Campaigns" and start to create a campaign to monitor your click results and impressions made. You can have multiple campaigns going on at the same time, there should be a limit but i have yet to create to that amount so i can't tell you the limits.

After creating your campaign, lets give it a name "Money". Click on "Get Code" to setup your ads. There are 3 columns which you need to fill up to create your very first auction codes.

  • Ad Keywords: Place your keywords within this box and to breakup keywords leave a "," in between every word created.
  • Ad Campaign: You have created "Money" as your campaign, choose it so that you can track the stats.
  • Ad Type: Though after the new implementation with the web 2.0 design, the older design still is around and is still being offered as a choice, why is this so? Let me explain to you later.
Who do i choose? The New or stick to the old ads?
Auction Ads retained the services for the older banners though it brings much distorted picture but the older banners had features to customize compared to the new ones. It really depends on individual pick.

The High and Low of Older Banners

  1. You have a wide choice of ads sizes that you can chose to fit your site.
  2. You have the ability to customize your background,descriptions and links colour.
  3. You will be able to blend your ads better on your site.
  1. The Ads are showing poor quality pictures which could affect your earnings, better images are require to pull of a convincing purchase.
The High and Low of New Banners

  1. It gives a much attractive and sleek look which could attract more clicks.
  2. There is a cool range of colours to choose for your ads.
  1. There is a limited number of ads style i can choice which is the vertical or horizontal style followed by a maximum of 3 ads shown.
You have setup your first hand and have placed it in your blog, but realised most of your ads are not rotating and also you made a discovery that your ads are always having many bids at $0.01, how do you increase them and set a minimum amount to improve your earnings?

Optimize your Auction Ads!
All these tips and tricks were found on Auction Ads Blog which is broken into parts during their updates, I decided to compile it to look good under one post. Here i go!

New Window Open Function
This feature does not look new but it allows your ads to open in another tab or window page.In your own code it will look like this " auctionads_option="n"; " . This means your ads will open in another page or tab.

Rotate your keywords Automatically in one banner
Bored and tired of seeing same ads in every pages, then you can use this function which allows your keywords within to rotate by itself. While Keying in your keywords to "Ad Keywords" add ";" in between every keyword. The code reflected should be like this

"auctionads_ad_kw = "keyword 1;keyword 2;keyword 3;keyword 4"; "

Optimizing auction prices to make more money
This can be trick, it can decrease the number of clicks on one hand but on the other hand it can help you earn more with just 1 single purchase. "minprice:___ and maxprice:___". The code will look like this:

"auctionads_ad_kw = “Xbox 360 minprice:50″;" - will generate all relevant items above $50

"auctionads_ad_kw = “X box 360 maxprice:50″;" - will generate all relevant items under $50

Using the best way to convert auctions to cash!
Go back to your account under "Url converter". Add in a ebay item's url that you would want to promote or let your readers know about how hot that item is. For example,Brand New Apple iPhone 8GB is up for grab at only $728, would you not want to own a iphone now?

Benefits are way above all and you can outdo your current PPC earnings
Since you take 100% affiliate earnings as a publisher, and you will see that PPC clicks are seriously pathetic, maybe a maxmium of $2/day with 1000/day unless your site brings in tons of traffic, otherwise giving Auction Ads a try would not mean any harm at all!

Plugins, Modules and Widgets readily available
*Too bad for Bloggers, we don't have widget readily available for auctions ads, maybe someone would create one one day! Do contact me and i will have you added in this list and contact Auction ads, cause they will give T-shirt to the one who creates plugins or widgets for them!

Give AuctionAds a try, its one of the best program available and signup now to start making money online! Do you have something to share, do share with us a tips that you have used before or comments on this program?

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9 Responses to "Make Money Online with Auction Ads New 2.0 Design!"


Auction Ads still have the picture sizing problem with the new design, lets hope AA solve it quickly..

Michael says
August 30, 2007 12:38 PM

Thanks for the trick on setting a minimum price, it work well for me.


I have been making money with auction ads, decent payout with them. thanks for the information.




Conor O'Driscoll says
June 28, 2008 5:25 PM

Thanks so much for the blog. The trick of setting a minimum price is something I did not think of and should work very well.

Isabelle Newton says
November 24, 2008 9:55 PM

I agree with the other comments - never thought of putting a minimum price on - thanks for the tip.

reverse phone lookup usa says
February 2, 2010 4:04 PM

Aucation ads was not that good but I will try this new one.

Leah Dizon says
February 24, 2010 11:57 PM

thanks for the tips...its very useful for me...=D
Leah Dizon
Make Money Online

Orlando Divorce Attorney says
March 29, 2010 10:04 PM

good for earning point of view.

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